Communicating with the Court

Generally speaking, in accordance with the Alberta Rules of Court and other Court directions, the appropriate means of communicating with the Court to advance an action before the Court is: on the Court record (i.e. verbally in Court proceedings, or in writing through materials filed with the Court, specifically, as provided by the Rules); and on notice (i.e. with a copy) to Counsel for/or the party/parties opposite.   

The Court does not encourage communications from parties or others to the Court, outside of those communications that are required under the Alberta Rules of Court, Practice Notes or as specifically directed by a Justice. The Court will not respond to inappropriate communication in person, by telephone, email or other writing. Inappropriate communication includes communication that infringes the above provisions and that:

  1. is not permitted under the Rules of Court or other Court directions to advance a Court action or process; contains rude or abusive language;
  2. contains evidence that ought to be put before the Court under oath orally in a Court proceeding or a sworn affidavit;
  3. seeks legal advice;
  4. is not on notice or copied to Counsel for/or the party/parties opposite.

Appropriate general correspondence can be sent to the Court via email to

Please note:

The Court will not respond to any communications about a Court action from persons who are not Counsel for/or the party/parties to Court proceedings. The Court will not respond in substance to any communications that are not copied to Counsel for/or the party/parties opposite.

When responding to communications from Counsel for/or the party/parties about a Court action, the Court will copy Counsel for/or the party/parties opposite in the response; and may enclose a copy of the incoming communication.

The Court does not have jurisdiction to handle complaints about lawyers or other staff who are not employed by the Provincial Government to work for the Court of Queen's Bench Judicial Branch.
The Court receives a high volume of communications. Please exercise patience when awaiting a response