Judicial Appointments

Provincial Court Judge Candidates

Lawyers with at least 10 years at the Bar can apply to become a Provincial Court of Alberta Judge.
Applications are considered first by the Judicial Council, which makes recommendations. The Provincial Court Nominating Committee (PCNC) decides whether or not recommended applicants will be interviewed by the PCNC.

Only candidates recommended for appointment by the PCNC are placed on the Appointment Eligibility List from which the Minister of Justice selects a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Court.

Justice of the Peace Candidates

The Provincial Court of Alberta welcomes the interest of qualified lawyers who wish to be considered for appointment as a full-time or part-time Justice of the Peace. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen and a member in good standing of the Law Society of Alberta, with a minimum of five years of related experience at the Bar. To be considered eligible, applicants must go through a screening process and be recommended for appointment by the Judicial Council.