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Revised Family Practice Note 4 (FPN4) - Effective November 1, 2022

Oct 17, 2022

The Court has posted to its website a revised Family Practice Note 4 (FPN4), which is effective November 1, 2022.

The revised FPN4 replaces references to the Dispute Resolution / Child Support Resolution Officer processes in Calgary and Edmonton with a common process in both centres under the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program (KBCSRP).

Prior to filing any application that includes a request for child support (including variation), a party must attend Family Docket Court (FDC). There, the parties may be directed to schedule a meeting with KBCSRP and file and exchange financial disclosure. The KBCSRP Officer will assist the parties to reach an agreement and may give further directions regarding financial disclosure. At the conclusion of the meeting the Officer will provide a Report for the court file and if the parties have settled in whole or part, or agreed to an adjournment, may draft a Consent Order for the parties to sign. If the parties have not settled, the Officer will provide recommendations for other resources and may direct the parties back to FDC for assessment and next steps.

The Revised FPN4 also provides that parties may attend the KBCSRP on a voluntary basis and sets out that process. Spousal support may also be addressed in the KBCSRP, but only if child support is also in issue.