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Filing Procedure: Judicial Review of Saferoads Decisions

Jun 27, 2022

Effective immediately, a new filing procedure is in effect for applications for the Judicial Review of decisions from the Alberta SafeRoads tribunal, including stay applications. This new filing procedure replaces the Court’s “SafeRoads Alberta Accelerated Review Procedure” announcement, dated July 9, 2021.

Originating Applications:

Complete Form 7 – Originating Application

Enter “TBD” (To Be Determined) for the hearing date and time on Form 7

Complete Form 8 - Notice to Obtain Record of Proceedings

Submit Form 7 and Form 8 electronically, by email to the applicable Judicial Centre’s QBfiling email address.

All submissions must include an Email Filing Request, and follow the Court’s naming convention.

Stay Applications:

If the applicant is also applying to stay the Immediate Roadside Sanction (IRS) pending the hearing of the Judicial Review, complete and submit the following  to the applicable Judicial Centre’s QBfiling email address using the Court’s naming convention:

With Consent
Email Filing Request
Without Notice Desk Application
Supporting Materials
Draft Consent Order
Without Consent Email Filing Request
Form 27 – Civil Application
Supporting Materials

These materials may be filed together with the Originating Application, under the same Email Filing Request. If they are filed separately the applicant must file them under a new Email Filing Request.

Stay Applications will be heard with the Summary Conviction Appeals list either at the next available date that is at least 5 clear days from the date of submission, allowing for service and proper notice, or at a later date as proposed by the Applicant.

Where exceptional circumstances warrant the shortening of the notice period, the Applicant may make a request using the Justice Urgent Matters Chambers Process to have the application heard on an earlier date.

Securing the Hearing Date for the Judicial Review:

The date and time of the Judicial Review are set by the Civil (or Regional) Coordinator upon receipt of the following document:

Special Chambers Booking Form
  • Provided by the applicant.

The date is scheduled in accordance with Rule 3.15(5) of the Alberta Rules of Court.

Next Steps:

The following materials must be filed prior to the Judicial Review:

a) An affidavit or other evidence to be used to support the originating application for judicial review, other than an originating application for an order in the nature of habeas corpus, must be filed and served on every other party one month or more before the date scheduled for hearing the application

b) Form 9 – Certified Record of Proceedings

  • Provided and filed by SafeRoads.

c) Certified transcript of SafeRoads hearing

  • Provided and filed by the applicant.
  • Written transcript of the SafeRoads hearing made from the audio recording provided by SafeRoads. Prepared by a certified shorthand reporter at applicant’s cost. A search for available certified shorthand reporters can be done online here.

Reminder: ensure all Affidavits of Service are filed with the court prior to the hearing.

One month prior to the hearing, the applicant must send all previously filed materials to the applicable Judicial Centre’s Qbfiling email address using the Court’s naming convention.

Filing Fees:

Form 7 – Originating Application and Form 8 – Notice to Obtain Record of Proceedings   $250.00 + pages ($1.00 per page up to $20.00)

Form 9 – Certified Record of Proceedings (no filing fee)

Form 27 – Civil Application $50.00 + pages ($1.00 per page up to $20.00)

Judicial Centres Qbfiling email addresses:

Red Deer
Fort McMurray
Peace River
Grande Prairie
St. Paul
Medicine Hat

Civil Coordinator Contact Information:

Red Deer 403.340.5360
Lethbridge 403.381.5455
Fort McMurray
Peace River 780.624.6385
Grande Prairie
St. Paul 780.645.6387
Wetaskiwin 780.361.1258
Drumheller 403.820.7306
Medicine Hat 403.529.8710