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Statement on the Second Annual Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Sep 30, 2023

The Alberta Court of Justice recognizes the vital importance of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Through its decisions and actions, the Court seeks to uphold the principles of justice, equity, and respect for Indigenous rights.

On this second annual Day of Truth and Reconciliation, we recommit ourselves to the Court’s Indigenous Justice Strategy that was launched last year. The Indigenous Justice Strategy is a key component of the Alberta Court of Justice’s commitment to work to provide a culturally relevant, restorative, and holistic system of justice for Indigenous peoples that access the Court including accused persons, offenders, victims, families, youth and children as well as those Indigenous communities impacted by the actions of those who find themselves before the Court. The IJS consists of 20 concrete responses by the Court to the identified priorities and needs of the Indigenous peoples it serves.

By engaging in meaningful dialogue, acknowledging historical injustices, and working towards collaborative solutions, the Court of Justice is committed to fostering a path towards reconciliation that honors the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities and paves the way for a more harmonious and inclusive future for all Albertans.