Information Sheets

The following information sheets provide a summary of and commentary on various types of documents and processes at the Court of Appeal.

The formatting and filing requirements set out in these information sheets apply to documents filed in paper. Formatting and filing requirements for documents filed electronically are different. For more information about electronic documents, review the Practice Direction on Electronic Filing or the CAMS Manual.

FileTypeSizeLast modifiedDownload
Appeal Record and TranscriptsPDF283.55 KB18 Apr, 2024 Download
Applications to a Single Appeal Judge or CMOPDF168.48 KB18 Apr, 2024 Download
Applications to Admit New Evidence FAQsPDF181.59 KB18 Mar, 2024 Download
Applications to Restore an Appeal FAQsPDF167.49 KB20 Aug, 2021 Download
Condensed Books OverviewPDF102.83 KB01 Feb, 2021 Download
Extracts of Key EvidencePDF211.24 KB28 Apr, 2023 Download
FactumPDF279.48 KB20 Aug, 2021 Download
Finding and Providing AuthoritiesPDF225.31 KB15 Jan, 2024 Download
Judgments, Orders and CostsPDF141.61 KB17 Jan, 2023 Download
Panel ApplicationsPDF182.19 KB20 Aug, 2021 Download
Scheduling AppealsPDF202.24 KB20 Aug, 2021 Download
Who Will Hear My ApplicationPDF133.77 KB20 Aug, 2021 Download