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Mandatory Electronic Filing

Feb 8, 2021

On March 1 2021, e-filing will become mandatory. Effective that date, all documents, including correspondence, must be formatted in accordance with the Practice Direction on Electronic Filing and filed via the Court of Appeal Management System (CAMS). Unless an exemption from e-filing is granted, paper documents at the counter and documents via email will not be accepted.

Registration is open and e-filing is available now. For more information about CAMS, including how to register for an account and how to format and file documents, view the CAMS Manual and Frequently Asked Questions.

To visit the CAMS e-filing website, visit

Beginning March 1, 2021, a person may apply to the case management officer to be exempt from the requirement to file documents electronically by completing Form A attached as Schedule 1 to the Practice Direction. This form can be accessed on the Court’s website. Completed forms can be sent to the applicable Registry as follows:

• Calgary: Fax: 403-297-2206 or

• Edmonton: Fax: 780-422-4127 or

A case management officer may grant the application if the case management officer considers it appropriate to do so and may impose any terms or conditions that the case management officer considers appropriate or necessary. Unless the case management officer otherwise directs, an exemption applies only to the appeal number for which it is granted.