Responding to a Family Law Act Application

You have been served with two (or more) forms, which were filed in either the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta or the Provincial Court of Alberta. The forms are:

Claim – This form tells you what the other party is asking for and the court date.
Statement(s) – This form is the other party's evidence for the court.

Which court?

The Claim and Statement(s) will have been filed in either the Provincial Court or the Court of Queen's Bench. The check box at the top of the Claim will tell you which court it was filed in. Under that you will see the court location. You will file your own court forms and will go to court in that court at that location.

Time Limits

Unless the Applicant or their lawyer agrees to give you extra time, you must take the steps listed here within the following time periods:

  • If you were served in Alberta, within 20 days of the day you were served;
  • If you were served elsewhere in Canada, within 1 month of the day you were served;
  • If you were served outside of Canada, within 2 months of the day you were served.

We recommend that you talk to a lawyer before taking any steps.