Responding to an Emergency Protection Order

You have been served with an Emergency Protection Order .

This form is a Court Order that tells you what you are not allowed to do. If you disobey this Order, you can be arrested. The Order also tells you when the next court date is – when you can tell the judge your side of the story.

The evidence that was presented to the judge will be in the form of a Transcript. Read the Notice that was given to you with the Emergency Protection Order to find out how to get a copy of the transcript (or contact your closest Court of Queen's Bench). You should read over that transcript so that you know why the Emergency Protection Order was granted. Talk to the clerks at the Court of Queen's Bench to find out how to see a copy of the transcript. There may be a fee if you want to take a copy with you.

Time Limits

The Order also tells you the date by which you must file your court forms and serve the other party.