Minimize Transcript Management Services - Common Questions

1. I would like to get a transcript of what was said in court.  Whom do I contact, what information do I need before I call?

There are three Transcript Management Services offices (TMS) in the Province. Each one is responsible for transcript production for different court locations

Transcript Office

Prepares transcripts of hearings/trials heard here only

Edmonton Transcript Management Services
1000, 10123 99 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3H1

Phone:(780) 427-6181
Fax:     (780) 422-2826



Bail Office Transcripts:

  • Edmonton
  • All Jurisdictions north of Red Deer held through Bail Office

Calgary Transcript Management Services          
Calgary Courts Centre
Suite 1901-N,601-5th Street S.W
Calgary, Alberta  T2P 5P7

Phone: (403) 297-7392
Fax:      (403) 297-7034



  • Airdrie
  • Banff
  • Canmore
  • Cochrane
  • Didsbury
  • Okotoks
  • Tsuu T'ina
Bail Office Transcripts:
  • Calgary and area including Red Deer south, held through the Bail Office

Regional Transcript Management Services
4909 - 48th Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta   T4N 3T5

Phone: (403) 340-5235
Fax:      (403) 340-7986


All other court locations in the province

ORDER FORMS available online.

When ordering transcripts, some information is required by Transcript Management Services (TMS), other information is not necessarily required, but will be helpful and speed up services if you can provide it at the time you order the transcript. Requests can be initiated by phone; however you must supply the TMS office a completed/signed order form to request a transcript. This completed order form can be accepted through the fax, mail, the individual TMS office, or court locations. Deposit must be made before transcript request is processed.


  1. Customer name, mailing address, and telephone number
  2. Name of case
        - in a civil case, who is suing whom?
        - in a criminal case, who is the accused?
  3. Date of court appearance
  4. Location of hearing (city/town)
  5. Docket or action number
  6. Court level (Provincial or Queen's Bench)
  7. Criminal or Civil
  8. Name of Judge or Justice
  9. Courtroom number
  10. Names of all counsel

2. How much does a transcript cost?

The cost of a transcript is based on a per character rate as set out in the Alberta Rules of Court.   The rate is determined by how quickly you require the transcript:

  • SERVICE                     RATE
  • 2 Working Days          $0.0072/character     
  • 5 Working Days          $0.0062/character     
  • 10 Working Days        $0.0052/character
  • 30 Calendar Days      $0.0040/character     
  • Copy Rate                    $0.40/pg-at time of initial order
                                           $1.00/pg-after delivery of initial order
  • E-Copy                         No-charge- at time of initial order 
                                          $0.40/pg-after delivery of initial order

NOTE:  Expedited and Daily services may not be available in all instances

Cost Estimates
To determine the approximate cost of your transcript use the following formula:

"X" Minutes x 900 (Characters/Minute) x Rate = Estimate
"X" Minutes x 54,000 (Characters/Hour) x Rate = Estimate

For example: 45 minutes x 900 x 0.0072=$291.60

Black Character Counting Method
A character count report will be provided to customers with all transcripts.  The black character count method only counts characters that are visible to the reader.  This includes any printed letter, number, symbol, and punctuation mark, but excludes spaces, table structures, and font formatting such as bold, underline, and italics


If you order a transcript, the TMS office may require a deposit in the full amount of the estimated cost (estimated by the TMS office), before the preparation of any transcript begins.
NOTE: NOTE: You can initiate a request by phone, however the TMS office requires a completed/signed order form to prepare a transcript. You can fax, e-mail or mail in the completed form.

Methods of Payment
TMS offices accept the following form of payment:


  • Visa/MasterCard/American Express
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Money Order/Bank Draft
  • NO PERSONAL cheques are accepted
Payments must be made in person, with the exception of a money order or bank draft which can be mailed in.  Payments will be accepted at any Courthouse in the Province of Alberta.

3. Is there GST charged on transcripts and appeal records?

GST is not charged for transcripts or appeal records.

4. Can I just come and read a transcript?

No, this is not a service that is available.  Transcripts of court proceedings are not automatically prepared.  They are only prepared once an order is received.

5. I want to appeal my Provincial Court matter to the Court of Queen’s Bench.  What am I required to do?

This is general information only as it relates to transcripts and appeal books.  For assistance on how to appeal a court order, contact the appropriate court level/location.

Most matters heard in Provincial Court are appealed to the Court of Queen's Bench.  
This pertains to matters heard in:

  • Traffic
  • Criminal (summary matters only.  Indictable matters are appealed to the Court of Appeal.)
  • Family
  • Youth (summary matters only.  Indictable matters are appealed to the Court of Appeal.)
  • Civil Claims

The appellant is required to file their Notice of Appeal in the Court of Queen’s Bench.  There are time restrictions so ensure you act promptly.  For more information on this contact the appropriate court level/location.

6. Who do I contact for a transcript of a telephone bail hearing heard in front of a Justice of the Peace?

Normally the office you contact would be the same as listed in the answer to question 1. However, for transcripts of bail hearings heard at the Bail office, the time of day the hearing was held also governs which office will transcribe the matter.

As these hearings are over the telephone, you will need to know where the accused was incarcerated and what time the application was made in order to know which TMS office to contact:

  • Edmonton TMS transcribes telephone bail applications made from all locations north of Red Deer.
  • Calgary TMS transcribes telephone bail hearings made from Red Deer and all locations south of Red Deer.

7. How do I find out what day I was in court or who the judge was?

You will need to attend to or contact the specific court location and request a search of the file.  It is the customer’s obligation to advise the TMS office of the exact date of the proceedings you require transcribed.

8. I don't want the entire trial transcript, only a certain part, can I get that?

You may request excerpts of a proceeding.  This excerpt must be clearly defined on
your request form in the special instruction area.
Examples of standard excerpts: 

  • a specific witness’s testimony (full direct-examination or full cross-examination)
  • final submissions
  • submissions on sentencing
  • reasons for judgment
  • a complete a.m. or p.m. session

9. Why can’t I get a transcript that is over ten years old?

Transcripts and audio records are destroyed after 10 years, pursuant to the Recording of Evidence Act.

10. Are court transcripts available on the website?

No, transcripts of court proceedings are not available on our website. 

11. How do I pick up my transcripts?

Transcripts can be picked up at the TMS office where you placed your transcript order,
or you can arrange for a courier to pick them up.  Any outstanding cost for the transcript must be paid in full prior to the release of the transcript.

You can request the transcript be e-mailed to you. You will receive the document in PDF format.  You may also request the transcript be mailed to you by regular surface mail.

The Regional TMS office will automatically send you your transcript via Canada Post if you give no indication of how you wish to receive the transcript (pick up, e-mail, etc.)

Under special circumstances, transcripts may be sent to you via the fax. 

12. If I can just get a copy of the audio from you, can I transcribe the transcript myself?

No.  TMS transcribers and court reporters are appointed under the Recording of Evidence Act and are appointed by the Minister as a court reporter for the purposes of this Act.

13. I need the transcript for court tomorrow, can I get it?

Although the TMS offices can provide a daily service, there may be instances where this service cannot be provided.  You must contact the specific TMS office.

14. How do I order appeal records when appealing to the Court of Appeal?

As directed by the Court of Appeal, the TMS office requires:

  1. A copy of the signed Notice of Appeal that was filed with the Court of Appeal
  2. A list of contents of the appeal record
  3. Completed and signed appeal record order form

ORDER FORMS available online.

NOTE: Transcript Management Services requires 6 to 8 weeks to prepare appeal records, with the exception of Part J appeal books, which require 3 weeks for preparation. Ensure you leave yourself adequate time for preparation of your appeal records.

15. How many copies of the appeal record will I need?

The number of copies of an appeal record is set out by the Alberta Court of Appeal.   Appeals are usually heard by a panel court (3).  Guidelines state that all parties including the court, appellants/respondents, and all representing counsel have copies of the appeal record.

Transcript Management Services prepares the following, as per the guidelines:

  • 1 original and 3 copies of all volumes containing electronic evidence
  • 1 original and 6 copies of all volumes containing document evidence
  • If appellants/respondents are being represented separately, additional copies of the appeal record will be necessary and prepared.
The appellant is responsible for:
  • Filing all copies of the appeal record with the Registrar of the respective Court of Appeal
  • Serving a copy of all appeal record on all other parties

The Court of Appeal retains:

  • All originals and 1 copy of volumes containing electronic evidence
  • 4 copies of volumes containing document evidence