People Principles Progress . 1914 - 2014

Justice Jack Watson

In preparing to celebrate the first one hundred years of the Court, the organizing committee had a fixed history to work with and a contemporaneous knowledge of what is the modern court. But the prospects for the next hundred years of the Court were a matter of conjecture. Except for one thing. We knew that what we say and describe now will be one day viewed by successors presently unborn.

We hope that any lessons learned, any legacies established, any principles protected, and any enduring concepts of equal justice under a rule of law, to which we may have contributed, will remain for those who follow us. We cannot imagine what society will be like 100 years from now. But we hope and pray that whatever we and our ancestors have done is a solid foundation that helps our successors ensure that the blessings of freedom, justice, human rights, peace and prosperity will endure for all people.

Justice Jack Watson
Court of Appeal of Alberta

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